About us

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Our core principles:

  • Highly analytical in establishing just how we can help and what profit increments are possible
  • To be transparent, professional and friendly in the clear provision of pricing and service options
  • To build strong relationships with our customers so that the savings and efficiencies go on being delivered year after year

Material Matters Limited was created in 2010 to provide purchasing support for golf clubs in the UK. Harnessing the power of the many to benefit individual clubs with increased profit by saving money on all areas of expenditure.

The economies of scale, created by hundreds of golf clubs, provides incredibly competitive pricing structures across virtually every sector of consumable expenditure that a golf business has.

Saving clubs money is in our DNA – we strive endlessly to find our customers the very best solution for quality, service and price.

Headlines of achievement in 5 years:

  • A position of trust and respect for our professional approach. We are very proud to receive feedback and testimonials that lets us know that we are providing the very best support in golf purchasing.
  • Working with over 400 clubs
  • Partnered with the best suppliers and service providers in the market
  • Managing purchasing worth over £13m per year
  • Saving golf businesses over £1m per year!

Outsourcing your procurement function can be a worrying thought, especially when your business relies upon suppliers providing the highest quality product and service to allow your heads of department to deliver what your customers want. It is our job to provide you with the confidence and relationships to make that happen.

In addition to our core procurement services, we have developed a portfolio of comprehensive procurement services and tools. In the main, web based systems, which will enable your business to achieve significant cost savings, improve back office processes and gain financial control and visibility over your purchasing, contracts and ordering.


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