The news on how much of a difference Material Matters can make to golf clubs with cost savings has spread so fast that they have kicked off 2012 with the launch of four new representatives. The Midlands, West Country,Outer London & Kent and the South Downs will all now have their own regional manager on the ground. Paul Mould Founder and Director  of Material Matters explains:

“We form such a close working partnership with our members. We work together in terms of analysis, planning and implementation of cost savings across the whole of their purchasing needs; it is essential that we have experienced and quality people on the ground to support the clubs. When we started in 2010, Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey soon became our heartland, but we quickly expanded our geography. It is crucial that we are now able to deliver the same high level of hands-on assistance from the Midlands, right across to the South. Now we need to find good people to work with, who can deal with the large number of clubs that have been approaching us from across the UK.

”Material Matter’s appointment as the UKGCOA’s Official Purchasing Partner, along with a steady flow of recommendations and referrals, has provided Material Matters with opportunities as far flung as Scotland, Newcastle, Shrewsbury, Cornwall, Suffolk, and beyond.”

Simon Trundle, head of clubhouse expenditure for Material Matters has a very clear view on the latest expansion. “From the very beginning, we have focussed on levels of actual trading with our members, in order for us to provide an effective and benefit- driven service. By operating in this way, we will always be so much more than just a list of preferred suppliers. We set our targets on saving an 18-hole golf club in excess of £20,000 per year. In order to deliver that level of benefit we have to be constantly on hand, developing solutions and strategies for every aspect of how the club is managing and developing their business.

”Just for good order Material Matters are also on the move – they are moving into new offices at the prestigious Windlesham Golf Club, in Berkshire. Paul is delighted with the new move:“

What an amazing operation for us. A fantastic location, which puts us slap bang in the middle of a busy and thriving golf business, so we can live and breathe the daily needs of a club even more. The move gives us the opportunity to have almost a shop window for what is possible in purchasing terms and the location is ideal from a travel and logistics point of view. Trust, flexibility and accountability have been our bi-words from day one, and the new offices and regional representation are key parts in that continuing mission. Our aim is to be golf’s purchasing partner of choice, and with well on the way to 200 clubs already purchasing with us, we will build the support to ensure success for our partners and suppliers.”

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