We have been able to secure massive discounts on First Aid supplies along with providing easy purchasing via our Online Ordering portal.

Working in association with Compliance First Aid supplies, you can see for yourself if you wish to compare the top 6 suppliers on Google, just how significant the savings can be. Up to 50% discounts available on popular brands such as Wallace Cameron and Steroplast plasters.

Les Limbrick, of Compliance First Aid states ‘I want to sell First Aid in a much easier way’. It’s a perfect synergy for Material Matters who always want to ‘make buying easy’ for you.

We have therefore added the First Aid supplies to our popular Online Ordering tool which enables you to purchase food, drinks and consumables online already.

In addition we can provide you with a comprehensive First Aid checklist and ensure that you remain compliant in this area.

If you would like to access these great savings, receive the checklist or explore the range of benefits of Online Ordering please email us now on info@materialmattersltd.com or telephone us on 01252 621114.