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Using trusted relationships with the supply market we can secure new energy contracts for gas and electricity, procured at best value. This provides peace of mind that your pricing is competitive in an increasingly uncertain market.

Our services also provide you the opportunity to protect yourself from unruly calls from the UK’s growing energy broker population who obtain your data from mailing lists and relentlessly call often offering poor advice or misleading guidance.

We offer an independent review of current pricing and will work with all suppliers who can provide pricing and service standards that we expect from our partners. We provide clear and concise comparisons ensuring you are aware of fixed and variable pricing elements, update you in respect of legislative changes and work with you to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing management of your energy contracts.

Generating Energy

There is so much more to energy than the simple procurement aspect however. Energy costs are increasing so it’s time to consider the options to reduce your requirements for procured energy.

It could be time to consider renewable energy sources or selling the electricity you generate to a business tenant or to the grid?

In a world where energy security, cost and carbon penalties are impacting profits, the case for long term fixed energy contracts, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources has never been as compelling. It is something that will affect the unprepared and even cause business failures in the foreseeable future.

But what is the right solution for your business and what are the financial incentives, tax concessions and income streams that are available?

These questions can appear a little daunting and time consuming to answer when you’re running a business, so they often get put off until they begin to really hurt. The best way though is to work with someone who will advise the right solution for your business and see it through to its conclusion. It would also be reassuring to know they’ll be around to support you for the duration.

That’s why Material Matters continues to supply you with professional independent advice offering you access to a comprehensive solution – not just procurement.

We have years of experience working with all energy Suppliers and can provide you confidence in the solutions that we provide.


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