Make buying easy

Effective cost reduction across all club areas

Working in close partnership with you helps us to really understand your needs, allowing us to negotiate reduced prices, exceptional deals and enhanced Terms and Conditions.

The best trading terms

  • Comprehensive supplier list which is growing fast
  • Immediate access to the industry’s best and constantly monitored trading terms
  • Reduced administration and centralised support

Creating more profit and spending power for you

  • Exclusive products and offers
  • More money for your club – Increased profit and additional budget allowing you to do more
  • Leveraging the buying power of many golf clubs to offer top suppliers a unique platform to increase their presence and market share
  • Product development – You get access to exclusive new supplies and new products to give you that leading edge
  • Special offers – With suppliers keen to support such a large buying group then there will be constant opportunity for end of line, overstocking, or new to market offers

Looking after your club

  • The most competitive sourcing and unparalleled pricing opportunity
  • Access to industry leading products at prices that independent clubs can only dream about
  • Significant savings per year to re-invest in projects, additional labour, materials or new machinery that you have been waiting for. End of line, last year's technology, ex demo, we can source most items at even lower rates through the collective buying power. Whatever your needs we will always be there to help you.

Total independence

  • You can choose which suppliers you want to work with. We cover the total spectrum of suppliers, providing you with the maximum freedom of choice. There are no group targets or minimum buying levels. You get the power of the group strength with the flexibility of independence as an individual club.

Simplifying your business

  • Helping you plan cashflow and expenditure
  • Providing information to help prepare annual budgets and plans
  • Trend analysis. Compare your spending patterns with other golf clubs in your area.
  • We talk to the suppliers and resolve any queries or issues
  • Technical support available through the Exchange
  • Single account contact for terms and all other matters
  • Is that rate the best? With Material Matters it is!

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