How our clients see us

  • “I was introduced to Material Matters by a good friend in the golf industry as I happened to mention to him that our photocopier contract was due for renewal. My friend said before you do anything make sure you speak to Paul and his team as they specialise in supplier and contract management and he might be able to offer you a better deal. I spoke to Paul that day and began to realise that Material Matters would be able to help with every single contract we had and so arranged for a free of charge review visit. Paul came to the Club and looked at all of our suppliers and contracts and within hours had saved us a considerable amount of money. Within the first full week of working together the Club saved over £10k and we have only touched the surface of our suppliers. Working with Material Matters has given me huge confidence that the Club is getting the best possible deals on all of it’s contracts and has required very little effort from ourselves. I would imagine that many golf clubs are in the same position as ourselves whereby a few contracts have just been renewed year on year so I would definitely recommend speaking to Material Matters because you have literally nothing to lose and everything to gain.”
    Chris White, Secretary, Hunstanton Golf Club
  • “It is a pleasure working with Material Matters. Not only have they taken all the stress out of remembering when to start renegotiating deals with utility companies, they have also put us in touch with more friendly local companies for all our clubhouse supplies. We are now a name and not a number and I like it that way! And we have saved money to boot!”
    Beth Williams, Office Manager, Hindhead Golf Club
  • “Banstead Downs Golf Club have realised huge savings across our spend on utilities, the kitchen and on the golf course thanks to Material Matters. Paul and his team are friendly and knowledgeable, but never pushy. They have delivered on their promise of savings and have introduced us, in some cases, to better products.  I would highly recommend using Material Matters to any Golf Club.”
    Bob Marchbanks, General Manager, Banstead Downs Golf Club
  • “Since installing the fuel monitoring system, I have had the headache of checking fuel levels taken away from me.  Simply setting price checking points at 30% results in peace of mind.  Material Matters automatically provide a list of current prices from their panel of suppliers. This has ensured that we are always getting the best price for the fuel we require whilst also removing the risk of the tank ever running low, or worse, running empty.   A very simple and effective solution to fit Windlesham’s business needs.”
    Alastair Higgs, Course Manager, Windlesham Golf Club
  • “I would thoroughly recommend having a fuel monitor fitted from Powelectrics.    It has saved us a huge amount of time and effort and we are now 100% confident that we will not run out of fuel for our Clubhouse operations.   The Monitoring process through Material Matters ensures that timely ordering is undertaken and we have reduced the periods of time that excess fuel is held in stock.  It couldn’t be any easier”.
    Jimmy James, General Manager, Frilford Heath Golf Club
  • “We have been using the services of Material Matters for a while now and the considerable savings already made have totally justified the decision.  We would recommend MM to any club looking to save on costs.”
    Leighton Walker, General Manager, Chippenham Golf Club
  • “For the past four years, Walton Heath Golf Club have worked closely with Material Matters and as a result have realised genuine savings across all areas of our business.  There is no doubt that the proactive involvement of Material Matters has ensured that we made the very best purchasing decisions, considering both existing relationships, cost and flexibility of suppliers.  I would recommend any Club to consider working with them.”
    Stuart Christie, Secretary, Walton Heath Golf Club
  • “We have had a great start to our year and I am very mindful that Material Matters have played a large part in helping us with that success.”
    Steve Wright, Director, Dummer Golf Club
  • “Thank you for introducing us to your partners Regency.  They have done some great work in the last few weeks and saved us some serious money – circa £600.00 per month in McCain chips alone without changing brand or product.  I have been impressed with their commitment and the amount of time they have put in to find the right level of products that would help save money.  You are definitely working with a company of similar work ethic and quality to yourselves.”
    Gordon Forster, Managing Director, Safari MK – March 2015
  • “I recently attended a Training Matters Taster Day being run by Material Matters.   It was one of the best training events I have been on and I came away with several great ideas which I was able to implement straight away. All of the speakers were captivating, informative and interesting to listen to. The organisation of the event was perfect and I would recommend this to anyone else involved in the industry.”
    Laura Blainey, Operations Manager – March 2015
  • “At Caversham Heath, we’re not so bothered about saving the last penny from our suppliers. We are much more interested in the overall quality and ease of operation, which our supply chain can provide us with. Our customers are the most important asset in our business we must give them a top quality product. Material Matters provided us with a great overview of our current trading situation. They carefully checked all their suppliers and provided recommendations which allowed us to get greater quality in some cases and price savings in others. Across-the-board they were thoroughly professional and I would recommend them to anybody else who wants to ensure that they getting the best value for money.”
    Matt Ackerman, General Manager, Caversham Heath Golf Club – February 2015
  • “We have been working with Material Matters over the past two years at our 4 golf clubs, initially they performed a full review of all our costs and recommended alternative suppliers or moved us to better pricing with those existing suppliers in their portfolio. This gave us significant immediate savings. Since then Material Matters perform regular reviews of our costs, introducing new suppliers to their portfolio and ensuring our costings are the lowest we can achieve without detrimentally affecting quality. They have also taken over managing all our utilities and contracts, reminding us of renewal dates and recommending alternative cost saving suppliers where appropriate. Over the two years we have developed a close, productive relationship with the Material Matters team and have always found them extremely helpful and courteous. Definitely a service I can recommend.”
    Derek Roberts, Head of Finance, Playgolf Management Ltd
  • “We have worked with Paul and the team at Material Matters for over two years now and their professionalism and drive to achieve success on our behalf has helped us to make considerable savings on many areas across the business.  In addition to this the bi-monthly meetings with our key account managers has enabled them to further increase their awareness of potential savings, and to ensure that we are always focused on maximising these savings without compromising on the quality we require.  The partnership we have built with Material Matters has become an integral part of the cost management philosophy we use at the club.”
    Paddy Hanvey, General Manager, Playgolf Colchester
  • “I used Kelpak seaweed last year alongside my wetting agent applications to Greens, Tees & Surrounds. The Low price & application rate per h/a meant I was able to also spray my dryer fairways. At between 2-3 L h/a I have been really pleased with the results. Especially after over seeding in maintenance week in August last year. We applied 2.5L h/a to the greens every 10 days to aid recovery and encourage the new seedlings to establish. In doing this the level of germination of the bent seed has been fantastic , in fact the best I have ever seen.”
    Alastair Higgs, Course Manager, Windlesham Golf Club
  • “Just wanted to give you some feedback really.  I have dealt with a lot of companies during my time in golf and I have to say that yourself and MM have really hit the mark in terms of making the customer feel like they are being looked after.  Everyone involved has been superb during this time of enormous change for all – nothing is a problem, everyone has ownership and really seems to want the best.

    Well done for creating this ethic and long may it continue.

    Here’s to a really positive relationship for all.”

    Robin Greenwood, General Manager, Mill Ride Golf Club
  • “I got my polo shirts Friday, they are superb thanks.  Can you pass on my appreciation to your supplier.  I know where I shall be getting my uniform from in the future.  Thanks.  Lee.”
    Lee Bishop, Course Manager, Burnham Beeches Golf Club
  • “Firstly can I say how pleased I was with the delivery of the materials I ordered with you, if that is the standard of your delivery I think I will be doing a lot more with you and your company”.
    Francis Kempster, Course Manager, Glen Gorse Golf Club
  • “The MM service gives me the peace of mind that I have considered all the relevant and approved options and then paid the very best price possible”.
    Peter McMorran, Course Manager, Farnham Golf Club
  • “By joining Material Matters we have been able to make significant savings across a wide range of areas. Plus we know we have total peace of mind that we partner now in every purchasing decision we make, driving up margin and ensuring we have control”.
    Peter Hickling, Manager, High Post Golf Club
  • ‘Since using Material Matters we have seen a consistent increase in our monthly food margin of more than 5%’.
    Kevin Pickett, General Manager, Bishopswood Golf Club
  • “We placed our first stationery order with you yesterday.  Very competitive prices, thank you.”
    Manger, Warley Park Golf Club
  • “We have worked with Material Matters for all of our Clubhouse supplies for over a year now. Their buying power has helped us to make some great savings across the board.  They work tirelessly for you behind the scenes, preparing and presenting quotes and are happy to take the often tedious paperwork off your hands. I look forward to continued savings in the next year with Material Matters, as we still have more avenues to explore.”
    Chris Lomas, Secretary, Worplesdon Golf Club
  • “We have been very happy with the quality of service that Material Matters have provided us.  We feel that they work in complete partnership with us and take us hand in hand through our purchasing.  We have been amazed at the savings.  We can see a positive long term relationship with Paul and his growing team.”
    Ken Heathcote, General Manager at Studley Wood Golf Club
  • “I have signed up with Print Function,  Bill Verloop has been great, £2k per year saving! £10k over the 5 year contract. Thank you.”
    Chris Donovan, General Manager, Camberley Heath Golf Club
  • Thank you for all you have done. I have received a welcome pack from Eon today! Annette has been extremely helpful and very responsive; so much so she has prevented our contract from going into Out of Contract pricing which would have been very expensive. Thank you.”
    Helen Cook, Clubhouse Manager, Bearwood Lakes Golf Club
  • “Things are great with Brakes and Marstons, no problems at all so far and we have seen both our food and beverage margins increase since the change over so I am very pleased.”
    Ian Yates, General Manager, Worldham Golf Club
  • “Having been involved in the golf industry for many years, I rather prided myself on my buying savvy. I was really quite surprised when I realised that I could in fact save well over £2000 in the next year by switching just a few supplier agreements. We are currently locked into a less beneficial energy agreement and will be switching as soon as our contract finishes to make additional and more substantial savings. The process itself is painless and we just supplied our purchase ledger and a table for Material Matters and they performed their audit and scanned a few invoices within a few hours. My concern was that our little club, with a fairly low turnover would not really benefit from the savings, but we were very pleasantly surprised. Perhaps best of all is that I now know that we are buying very efficiently and I can thoroughly recommend Material Matters to anyone in the golf industry.”
    Colin Jenkins, Owner, Staplehurst Golf Centre
  • “The combination of savings for both club and course are considerable although Material Matters will not sacrifice quality in the long term in order to gain short-term profit by purchasing poor quality goods.  Although Material Matters are able to meet all the needs of a club there will be instances where it cannot supply a particular product at the best price and the company fully respects the client’s right to purchase outside the group if no suitable alternative can be found.  However, as the group has grown in size then we have been supported more and more across all of our purchasing. I have had the opportunity to work with Material Matters over the last year and fully appreciate the support, commitment and the savings that have been delivered.  I look forward to the concept of the buying group being developed to its full potential and the ongoing savings that can be achieved.”
    Peter McMorran, Course Manager, Farnham Golf Club
  • “We were introduced to Material Matters through a mutual colleague. They were invited to do an overall assessment of our business. They did this very professionally and provided a thorough yet simple set of results to review which clearly highlighted positive opportunities for us. The manner in which Material Matters have approached us has been very professional with complete engagement rather than any form of “sell”  which would be unattractive. They have looked to very much work with us and recognise, clearly, that there will, and are, areas that they will not be able to assist. The honesty in the relationship is very reassuring. The manner in which the relationship is progressing is excellent, and nothing appears to be too much trouble with an honest and professional response.”
    Tony Trueman, Director, Windlesham Golf Club
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