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High quality training for all aspects of club management

At Material Matters we take our responsibility and position on training very seriously

We are in the very best position to group together the power of the many to benefit the individuals searching for training. We have access to a superb panel of trainers with many years of experience and practical involvement within the world of golf. Contact us for further information on upcoming events and how you can access the very best training at the very best prices.

  • eLearning platform offering practical managerial, supervisory and course manager training course along with updates on GDPR
  • Essentials training and licences including; First Aid, Food Safety, Fire Training





We are very pleased to provide you with access to eLearning through our partnership with Promote Training.

As the first dedicated eLearning provider to the golf & leisure industry, Promote Training are rolling out a wide range of practically based managerial, supervisory and craft level courses.

Using an innovative eLearning platform, each course takes no longer 25 hours to complete and can be studied in any location, at any time and at the delegates own pace.

As a Material Matters member you can receive a 25% discount on their library of eLearning courses.

High quality training courses that will be available in 2015 include:

  • Driving Green Fee Revenues
  • Generating Membership Leads
  • Signing Up New Members
  • Tee Time Management
  • Food & Beverage in Golf Clubs
  • An Introduction to Greenkeeping & Course Maintenance
  • Human Resources – The Fundamentals

And more great courses are to be added in Q1 of 2016.


The Essentials & Topic Specific

In the running of your golf business, there are a number of core training requirements that you must have in place and up to date. We can use our online data storage tools to create reminders for you too on dates and requirements. We can help you keep on top of training for you and your teams on:

  • First Aid
  • Health & Safety
  • Food Hygiene and Handling
  • Personal Licence

With the vast array of trainers and presenters that we can access at reduced costs, we can offer expert training on a wide range of subjects. Sales & Marketing, Presentation Skills, Golf Course Management, Machinery Use, Team Management, Managing Up and Down, Excel, Microsoft Office, How To Recruit Well… name but a few.

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