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Material Matters provide you with supplier and contract management.

There’s no doubt that running any business is extremely costly and in today’s market you must be mindful of spiralling costs but also keeping abreast of changes in the market that will enhance your business and help you succeed.

That’s where we come in – providing purchasing support for businesses, Material Matters have forged relationships with the best suppliers and service providers in the marketplace and work with literally hundreds of golf clubs, leisure and health facilities and SME businesses across the UK.

Our ethos is ‘club together’ as buying of this magnitude gives our clients a wide range of choice and means that savings can be achieved across virtually every aspect of spend.

We believe that business shouldn’t be complicated and pride ourselves on our expert management of suppliers and pricing, working with you and your team to source goods and services at the right price with the highest degree of service.

Our experienced team can provide information to help prepare budgets, cash flow and expenditure planning. In addition, we provide you with the systems and support to manage your contracts efficiently, effectively and ensure that you retain control of the services you need and pay the right price.


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Club Together

Material Matters is the ultimate partner in ensuring the efficient, economic, smooth running of your golf club.

Better service, more choice and greater purchasing power

My Purchasing

Working in partnership with you, existing and new suppliers enables us to provide on all procurement. Provision of technology to run a full online bookkeeping function.

My Technology

Our online toolset offers a menu of solutions for managing contracts, purchasing, budget controls and reporting as well as a member benefits package offering value on products and services. This is also available as an employee retention tool.

My Energy

It’s so much more than just procurement of the latest contract. Advice and support on all queries and changing legislation within the energy market. Comprehensive solutions on all renewable energy options.

My Accounts

An outsourced accounts service where all day to day bookkeeping functions are provided by Material Matters.