Contract Matters

Managing your contracts online

Contract Matters¬†‚Äď managing your contracts online


Contract Matters

Interactive data store for all club contracts. Automated warning communications and document store.

  • View all current contracts listed by Type
  • Add new contracts into any section
  • Define new contract types when required
  • See at a glance any urgent actions
  • Manage all renewal, notice periods and contract end dates automatically

Contract Matters, the contemporary and innovative tool from Material Matters, aiming to improve business efficiency.

With an easy to use service managed by Material Matters, you are able to navigate through a user friendly interface that shows details of your current contracts, meaning that you will never miss a termination date again.

  • Keep track¬†of ALL your contracts
  • Never worry about¬†losing the¬†paperwork
  • Keep on top of every notice period
  • Keep track of¬†every item of information
  • Save money through automated efficiency



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