Member Benefits

for the members of the club and the club’s staff

Member Benefits


“What do I get for my money?” It’s a question that’s being asked more and more these days. Especially when subscription charges go up.

The benefits accessible to you and your members include:

  • Cash back on High Street names
  • Car Insurance
  • Health Club
  • Home Insurance
  • Travel
  • Cinema
  • Apple purchases
  • Wine
  • Flowers

Reinforcing the sense that membership brings unique privileges with it and helping make their subscription fees feel like value for money. Tangible benefits that encourage full membership, with additional rewards to entice your people up the ‘membership chain’.

Which is why a properly planned and continuously managed benefit scheme is becoming essential.

We work with golf clubs to help their members & staff save time and money – and often the cost of their membership. This is through fantastic deals on products and services which are relevant to the member either as an individual or in their place of work.

Calculate the Benefits

What membership fee range do your members pay? Could they hope to save some or all of the annual amount via savings made on membership benefits?

Not if what is made available is ‘competitive’ – rates that in fact can quite easily be beaten elsewhere. That’s why we only offer ‘best of’ benefits, often guaranteed to be the best available in the UK.

How much could your members hope to save in a year if they were getting guaranteed discounts on their car and home insurance? Free telephone legal advice? The best rates around for health clubs, phones and holidays? Guaranteed unbeatable rates for life assurance, professional indemnity insurance and great family days out, and loads more?

We think your members could often save some or all of their membership fees each year: and that’s borne out by our experience within our existing schemes.

The implications go wider than adding value to your members, if you could use benefits strategically – to help attract or retain, at renewal or to encourage individuals up the membership chain. All of these end results could add significantly to your bottom line.


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