Online Invoicing

Managing your purchasing online

100% Paperless Invoicing is Finally Achievable!

online-invoicing-bigWith Material Matters, every supplier can be an e-invoice supplier. Our unique, non-intrusive approach, guarantees the highest supplier adoption rates and ensures the greatest number of e-invoices are received into your accounts team.

Reduce time, effort, cost and your carbon footprint

Manual activities associated with paper are removed. Invoices and other business documents are created, sent and received electronically. We can replace paper billing processes with 100% e-invoicing easily and immediately, bringing both better customer service and considerable cost savings

The more paper you have to handle, the more your invoice management processes are rife with costs, errors, and exceptions. On top of that, there’s the time and resources you spend fielding supplier calls and handling invoice disputes.



Benefits for the buyer

Reduce carbon footprint – Paper is removed from the business, which helps you and the planet!

Reduce costs Paper is removed from the process. Scanning, keying, storage, manual retrieval or destruction costs are removed from the process. Electronic invoices are delivered straight into your finance application, providing an opportunity to automate the process and reduce operation costs still further.
Increase processing efficiency E-invoicing is a foundation element for accounts payable automation. Time, effort and costs are reduced by leveraging technology to automate the traditional manual process.
Increased supplier discounts Reducing the time to process an invoice increases the opportunities to take early settlement discounts and provides a platform for supply chain finance services such as dynamic discounting.
Increase visibility and transparency Online archive and reporting features ensure the invoice and the full audit trail history can be retrieved within a couple of clicks.

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