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Outsourced Accountancy Article – The Golf Club Secretary

Outsourcing your accountancy article in this month’s distribution by Jerry Kilby. We are grateful for the recommendation to Accountancy Matters (golf & leisure) Ltd and would be happy to discuss further details with anyone interested on 01252 628142.

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It’s simply material for Marc Dryden at Hockley GC

Great article by Hockley GC for anyone that is considering looking at Material Matters and buying groups.

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Brilliant Laundry – Press Release

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Brilliant Material Matters press release

New partnership with Business Communications

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Business Communications, a supplier of radios,  who offer our members exclusive arrangements on hand held radios and what we think is a unique opportunity to purchase sets of radios on lease.

Please download as PDFs:

Golf Club Package DP3600.pdf

Golf Club Package DP3400.pdf


Partnership deal announced with Wilts

We have just tied up a deal with a company called Wilts on wholesale electrical supplies for our golf clubs. Based on combining together the volume of all of our clubs we are able to offer market leading prices and big discounts on all their requirements.

Through working with some many clubs we have noticed the inconsistent pricing that clubs are currently receiving and the high prices that you are paying on certain products. We can give all our clubs the peace of mind that they are getting top quality brands and product support and paying the best rates possible.

I think by having the single point of contact within Wilts will help to ensure that you receive consistent and competitive pricing which will be a significant benefit to all our clubs.

Clubs can purchase via their own dedicated login and prices on the web or contact local branches for support and pricing in that way. Wilts will even come out and provide a start up survey so they know what they will be supplying going forward. Advice will be given by the Wilts sales team so the clubs can have confidence in the fact that they are always buying the right product at the best rates.


Electrical Supplies – Wilts Electrical Wholesalers

Putting the Customer First – Wilts, pride themselves on delivering an outstanding service and for always putting the customer first.

Product Range – All branches carry a wide range of stock including wiring accessories, cables, switchgear, lighting, test equipment, water heating products and spares, electric heating and ventilation products, security and fire systems and much, much more.

Value for Money  – Thousands of items are available to customers at trade prices and discounts can be offered for volume users. Contact your local branch for details.

Extensive Network – With more than 60 branches, to find your nearest branch, enter your postcode into the Branch Look Up box in the right hand corner of the Home Page.

Provision of Lamps, Tubes, LED, Lighting, Fire & Security, Cable, cable accessories, Cable Management, Wilts Plus, Circuit Protection, Wiring Accessories, First Fix, Ventilation, Water Heating, Heating, Power Tool & Essential requirements.

Wilts can also provide a full site survey to propose ways of reducing your electrical usage and reduce your monthly costs.

Wilts can also provide Solar Photovoltaic systems which do not rely on bright sunshine in order to operate and generate electricity on cloudy days due to the reflection of sunlight.

A FREE survey and proposal can be arranged

For a site survey or to set up an account please contact Jason Eacott 07825 058009, Material Matters Account Director


Why Wilts?

Our service is superior

Customers choose us for the quality of our people, and for the service they provide. But our people aren’t just well-trained, friendly and efficient – they’re keen to go that extra mile in helping you find exactly what you want, when you want it. In other words, you can see us as a reliable extension of your own business.

We’ve more stock available

We carry huge amounts of quality brand products in stock, meaning that you don’t have to wait as long for that essential product. In fact, at any one time we have stock worth over £10million available to all branches within 24 hours.

Our prices are competitive

Because of our size we can afford to pass on savings to our customers. And there are always great deals from some of the leading manufacturers, and customer promotions where you can get extra rewards and discounts for repeat business.

We deliver daily – and track your order

We pride ourselves on not keeping our customers waiting – and our computerised tracking systems mean that we can always pinpoint the precise location of your consignment.

We’ve an extensive branch network

If you travel with your business, or you have multi-site demands, then you can rely on us to have a branch within reasonable easy access of your site or workplace.

We’re keen to find unusual products

Many of our customers need obscure and hard-to-find products. We pride ourselves on our willingness to track those products down and get them to you as soon as possible.

We can change our systems to suit your needs

We’re not a huge corporate organisation and because of this we can be flexible with our ordering and invoicing processes and amend them to effectively match your needs.

Our invoicing is both prompt and accurate

Our Right-First-Time philosophy with accounts means that you get less grief with the paperwork and consequently more time to get on with business.

We offer free lighting design

Our prices aren’t just competitive for lighting design – they’re non-existent. We’ll give you access to experts who’ll work with you to provide quick and effective lighting solutions which will also improve your margins.

You can access your account details on-line